Small batch fresh soups
Small batch fresh soups
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How can I get in touch with you?

Where in Calgary do you deliver?
Soup delivery is available within central Calgary. Please see the map below for available delivery.

What day is the soup delivered?
Deliveries are every Thursday (north) and Friday (south) between 9a-4p. Please leave a cooler outside and we’ll put the soups in.
What do I do with the empty jars?
We reuse the jars so please leave them out for us on delivery day! 

Can I freeze the soups in the glass jars?
No! Liquid expands so if you put a full jar of soup in the freezer it will crack and that would make us (and you) very, very sad. We suggest emptying the soup contents into a freezer-safe container and then freezing.
I love your logo and illustrations! Who is the artist?
Shauna Mae is a graphic designer & lettering artist right here in Calgary, AB.