Small batch soups delivered right to your door.
Small batch soups delivered right to your door.
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Carmie Nearing grew up the middle child in a family of 10. Both her parents were teachers. As a result of raising and cooking for a large family on a modest income, they instilled in their children early the value in cooking with whole ingredients. So it was no wonder when Carmie took a position as a server in Ottawa’s fabled Domus Café that she lasted only a few short months in the front of the house, before she became keenly interested in the goings on in the kitchen. After convincing the Head Chef and restaurant manager that she’d be up to the task, Carmie promptly turned in her serving tray and dawned a set of kitchen whites.

Once she’d learned the ropes at Domus, Carmie honed her craft at various restaurants in Ottawa for another five years before making her way west to Calgary. Here Carmie has built her reputation as a talented Sous Chef and Chef at many of Calgary’s finer eating and catering institutions. 

But after several years in a traditional restaurant setting, Carmie felt it was time for a new challenge. So she went back to her roots, back to the same philosophical approach to cooking that her mom used, and established Spoon Fed Soup. For five years, Carmie kept the citizens of Calgary warm in the winter and nourished with the freshest seasonal, local ingredients in the summer. Each week, Carmie and her small team prepared over 1000 litres of soup for delivery to her customers’ home and office.

Carmie closed Spoon Fed in 2011 to spend more time with her family and promised to restart the popular soup company when the time was right.

The time is 10 years later and with Carmie at the helm, Spoon Fed will use the same business model it started with: delicious and fresh soups delivered to customers homes and businesses in Calgary.