Small batch soups delivered right to your door.
Small batch soups delivered right to your door.
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Spoon Fed x SunnyCider Brunch October 17

Apple Cider Scone with maple butter + preserves 4
Scrambled Eggs with smoked salmon, toast + roasted potatoes 12

Eggs Benedict - classic or roasted mushrooms + spinach with roasted potatoes 16

Brunch Burrito with scrambled eggs, chorizo, avocado, refried pinto beans, cheddar + spicy mayo served with roasted potatoes 14
Fried Chicken + Waffle - chili maple syrup - whipped butter  18


Fried Egg  3

Roasted potatoes 4

Double smoked bacon 4

Breakfast sausage patties 4

Veggie sausages 4

Sidewalk citizen sourdough toast 4 

* gluten free bread available - add $2


Aperol Cider Spritzer  2oz - Aperol, Apple Cider, Soda, Orange Garnish 12

Cranberry Mule 2oz - Broken Spirits Gin, Ginger Apple Cider, Cranberry Juice, Lime + Cranberry Garnish 12

Sour Cherry Mimosa - Prosecco, Sour Cherry Cider 12

SunnyCider Selections 7

Devil's Head Coffee for 2 - French Press with fresh ground dark roast from local Devil's Head Coffee 8

Tea - Mint or Black 3